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Ensure Compliance & Profibility

• Avoid penalties for non-compliance
• Reduce appeals and customer service volume
• Improve accuracy and implementation of codes and payment policies to speed and help coordinate payments
• Enhance research, analytics, and longitudinal reporting
• Decrease errors and the risk of improper payments
• Enable better monitoring for fraud, waste, and abuse
• Support foundational healthcare reform
• Ensure better quality measurement through improved identification of patient populations and support surveillance and public health monitoring through research and analytics

Provide Accurate Information

• Get fast, accurate, real-time data to improve overall health outcomes and make smart business decisions.
• Customized reports provide insight into task assignment and processing; number of requests; progress of claims from initial patient visit to coding, approval, and billing.
• Monitor progress effectively and get paid faster.
• See average claim totals, provider performance, patient demographics, frequently used service codes, and more.
• Sort by case type – pending, approved, or denied.
• Ansera’s real-time analytics and query optimizer deliver data when and where you need it.
• Integrated Cloud based access to Ansera’s Decision Support System (DSS) puts ICD codes, provider guidelines, Diagnosis Related Groups, plan guidelines, and patient data at your fingertips.
• Effectively utilize clinical data to make smart, insightful decisions about every aspect of your healthcare business – from patient care to insurer reimbursement.

Ansera delivers! We have decades of proven track record of success.

Automates Your Workflow

• Doctors, coders, billers, insurers, and others can work on claims and documents simultaneously, and follow colleagues and records to receive critical updates in real-time.
• Ansera’s Decision Support System (DSS) orchestrates integrated workflows across the healthcare management cycle by automating business rules and identifying high risk conditions. These rules are maintained and configured though user-friendly modules designed to fit your work flow.
• Use Salesforce Chatter for increased collaboration across all parties in the process.
• Proven real-time scalability to increase volume output and productivity, powerful enough to scale up along with the needs of your practice.
• Granular security and sharing, customizable for the needs of specific departments.
• Real time workflow and approvals enable uploading, saving, flagging, submitting and reviewing claims efficiently.
• Drag and drop functionality enables quick and easy work flow updates.
• Ansera’s integrated content library provides the data you need when you need it.

Our Technology

Ansera subject matter experts’ experiences + state of the art technology with Salesforce came together to create most sophisticated medical Decision Support System (DSS). Ansera DSS orchestrates integrated workflows across the healthcare management cycle from patient visits and coding to authorizations, processing, and payment

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